First of all, this site is not yet finished, so you will need to contact me if you are desperate and can't wait.

What is this site all about?
- The site is to allow the people with ideas to present to the people with the money.  Too often, investors don't have the time to meet as many people as they would like.  This site allows them to check out 100 new ideas and invite the 10 they like to present in person for 30 minutes instead of 3.

Why only 3 Minutes? - Generally, you only have 30 seconds to get your ideas across.  The investors we spoke to wanted to know a bit more.  So you have 30 seconds to capture their attention and the remainder of the time to flesh out your proposal.

How much does is cost me to pitch an idea? - The short answer is, nothing. You can submit an idea for free. However, if you want to really catch their eyes, you will need training in how to do that.

How do I know you won't just rip off my ideas? - We encourage you to protect your ideas before you submit the pitch.  You can go here and protect the written expression of your idea before you publish it.
They will provide you with a Warranty of Originality and we suggest that you show that in the first frame of your pitch.

How do I know that the investors have the money? - All the investors are high net worth individuals or sophisticated investors for the purposes of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2001.

What happens if they like my idea? - They will contact us and we will arrange for you to send on further information in the form of a short business plan.  If you don't have one you can get one here.

Here are some tips and hints to help you deliver a really great 3 Minute Pitch. We get feedback from Investors that a large number of people don't follow these tips and fail to cover the main points. Obviously those pitches are less likely to get investment, so please don't be one of them!

Try to cover the following points;

  1. Who you are;
    • Give your name and company name, loud and clear with a smile if physically possible.
  2. What your business does;
    • Give an overview of the Business in the first minute. Most people make the mistake of spending their entire pitching time on this, but it’s only ONE aspect of what will excite an Investor. Below are the main points Investors will be looking for. Don’t try and cover the whole list, but include those that you are really strong on.
      • Is it exciting and will it inspire them?
      • Does it have high growth potential, can it be scaled up?
      • Is the model is clear? The simpler the better
      • Is it believable?
      • Have you got good routes to market?
      • Can you use other partner companies to your advantage?
      • Is the  market situation is likely to keep improving?
      • Do you have the potential for good contracts with key customers/suppliers?
      • Does your location allows you to access key customers?
      • If it's a web based idea, direct them to the website
      • Is it a unique offering or is it an innovative/novel way of solving an old problem?
      • Is the idea protected somehow e.g. through Copyright, Trade Mark or patents or other barriers to entry by competitors?
      • The business can be ‘productised’ or repeated in other contexts
      • Can the product or service can achieve good profits?
      • Have thought about future offerings?
      • Will they believe you can get be ready in the time you say you can?
  3. Why they should take a gamble on you
      • What was the pain that motivated you?
      • Why are you best placed to do this?
      • What is your commitment, financially or otherwise?
      • What is the calibre of management team
      • Create a virtual team if necessary with people ready to step in
      • Build rapport so they like you and want to help you
  4. The deal for investors
    Pick out what you think are the key points that differentiates your investment deal from other, covering some of the following.
      • Very top level funding plan that is credible, reliable and realistic
      • Attractive money-making deal for them
      • Good use of funds, (not to pay salaries or clear existing debt)
      • Realistic number of months leading to sales
      • Realistic number of months leading to profit
      • An amount that they can afford
      • An attractive share of the business
      • A minimum “tranche” is the amount you can accept from each Investor, e.g. if you’re looking for £100k you might accept 2 Investors with £50k each
  5. Finally what is the one thing you’d like Investors to remember about your business?
  6. Is it high risk and high gain, a chance to get involved in a world-changing improvement, or a sure and steady money-maker?
  7. Make sure you finish on a high-note! One guy I remember was looking at an air conditioning business and ended his pitch with "Remember The Freezer-Geezer!"
General points.

  • Remember you are selling the prospect of investing in a company, not getting them to buy your actual product or service.
  • Don’t use any jargon or acronyms and pitch it at an Investor who may have no knowledge of your sector.
  • If you can’t get the business idea across in around 30 seconds it’s probably too complex a concept for small Investors. They will be looking at the idea and your ability to explain it only have a total of 3 minutes to do that. 
  • Don’t be afraid to let your personality come through rather than risk being too dry and professional. This is not corporate life!
  • Of course you probably won’t be able to include everything we mention, just try and score points where you can.